This event will take place at the offices of sektor 5 at Siebenbrunnengasse 44 in 1050 Vienna.

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The event will take place on Saturday 3rd of December from 8:15am until 5:00pm. Required preparation may start at 8:15am and we want to start the first session at 9:00am.

Topic of this Coderetreat will be development on Conway’s Game of Life. Focus is not finishing the application, but working out alternative solution approaches, practicing and sharing. Work will be done by pairs, changing in-between sessions. Participants will choose their language (e.g. Java, C#, Python, PHP etc.) – this will only depend upon people, knowledge and interest in the room.

Though we will focus on pair programming, we may ask each participant, if possible bringing her own notebook. If you feel more comfortable, please also bring mouse and keyboard with you.

It is envisaged to have worldwide live connections with other sites, who also organize a local event.

During live connections we will talk in English. Depending upon origin of participants at the Viennese event we will use German or English.

On twitter we will use the hashtag #gdcr11


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