Philosophy of a Coderetreat

Corey Haines describes the background of a coderetreat in great detail on his own web site. Here is a short summary to give you a quick impression on what to expect from such an event.

Basically it’s a day-long good coding practice event (you might call it developer workshop). There you get the chance to focus on improving your developer skills, with a strong emphasize on key principles of simple designaway from daily project pressure, which often requires compromise on design and implementation due to restrictions of the environment.

The coderetreat gives it’s participants a chance for stepwise elaborating the quality of your design and implementation approach, instead of just getting tasks done under pressure. You shape your developer skills for writing great productive code in the future.

Last but not least as a participant you benefit from exchange with colleagues by means of pair programming and repeated retrospectives – a day full of sharing & learning for developer.

Watch a short video from Corey Haines himself, explaining the idea and concept for a coderetreat.

Cleveland Code Retreat Introduction from Corey Haines on Vimeo.

Further information about development and history of Coderetreat you may find at Corey Haines’ site.


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